Design 1

This is the big start and I think I’ll start out right by pointing out that those thrift shops you pass everyday have the coolest stuff hidden inside.  I found the components for my first formal design in a small thrift shop. This design is unique and can be changed to capture different things based on the materials you find. I used a long brown skirt, a leaf green cable knit sweater, a cardigan of multiple different greens, and a strangely made multi-hued scarf. Here are the steps for a tree costume that is cheap to make, easy to move in, comfortable to wear, and looks fantastic. (The cable knit can be substituted by any brown sweater or long sleved shirt brown for a bare tree. The cardigan can be substituted by one of yellow, orange, or red, cardigans look a lot like treetops. This is to allow for a multi-seasonal tree costume.)

  1. Find your materials. (Any legal way you get them is fine, but if you are on a tight budget go with thrift shops or yard-sales. Remember to support your local businesses. They need it more than those awful corporations.)
  2. If the kick of the skirt is to high sew it down to a minimum of 19 inches or 48.26 centimeters from the waist unless you plan to wear it with matching tights or pants. (Anything with a kick that stops less than 19 inches, or 48.26 centimeters, from the waist is too revealing and should be worn with tights or pants of a matching color.)
  3. Pull the sleeves of the cable knit, or other long sleeved item, through the sleeves of the cardigan. (This is an optional step. You may want a bare tree for winter if you don’t plan on being a cedar or another non-deciduous tree.)
  4. Try it on. If something doesn’t feel right adjust it.
  5. Admire how good you look in a mirror.


To start out right I have to explain a few things. None of the designs on this site are gender specific. I maintain the “Wear what you want to wear.” approach. There are plenty of people who think certain people should wear certain things and I disagree with them. The designs will be numbered in order posted. I am making this new fashion using already made clothing. Mix and match them until they look good and not disturbing. Any ads on this site are not my fault and some of them appall me.